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Backyard Gardener Part 9: Identifying Intruders

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BANGOR - With plenty of rain last week, and the sun high in the sky this week, it's the perfect recipe for growth in the garden.  Unfortunately, we aren't the only ones looking forward to the feast. Our Erin Thomas has the latest in "Backyard Gardener."

If you've noticed a growth stunt in your crops, look a little closer. Something could be munching on your plants.

After multiple ground hog sitings, we called in an expert. Who, not surprisingly, confirmed our situation.

Adam Vashon of the USDA Wildlife Services, says farmers and home gardeners' best alternative to a live trap for the furry creatures, is investing in a fence.

Luckily we don't have much damage beyond the edible flowers in the garden, but Kate Garland from the Cooperative Extension says its defintely time to incorporate weeding.

After making sure to pull the weeds and not the seedlings, we thinned out the plants to about a finger's width apart.

Kate helped  stake out the rest of our non-vining tomatoes using string which we can continue to add as they grow.

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