Thursday, 04 July 2013 20:51

Man Arrested After Shots Fired, Standoff in Downtown Bangor

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BANGOR - A Bangor man has been arrested in connection with a four hour, armed standoff with police at a Park Street residence Thursday morning.


43 year-old Perrin Oliver is charged with criminal threatening and aggravated reckless conduct with a firearm.  


Only hours before the city of Bangor started the Fourth of July Parade, gun shots, echoed through the downtown streets.


At 8:30 Thursday morning, a report from a woman with a small child of a man firing a gun,  prompted police to respond to an apartment building, at 47 park street.


People, still lining near-by streets, trying to find the best vantage point for the upcoming parade... most of them,  unaware of the standoff and change in parade route.


Sporadic gunfire ensued, police estimate about 70 shots total. Then... the shooter, fired out the window.


Smoke drifting from his gun, from the upstair apartment, as officers sheltered in place, using the building as a shield.


The Bangor Police Special Response Team was called in, donned in fatigues and heavily armed, joined by Bangor fire paramedics.


A robot was used to get eyes in the apartment, as tactical officers fire tear gas.


Nearly two-hours later, Oliver was taken out alive in hand-cuffs. Roughly 15-hundred feet from the Independence Day parade.


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