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Train Derails in Veazie

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Train Derails in Veazie

VEAZIE - Over the next 24 hours, train officials will be working to put four rail cars back on the tracks.A little after 9:15 this morning a Pan Am train derailed at the Bangor Veazie town line.

Executive Vice President of Pan Am railways, Cynthia Scarano, says it may take a couple of weeks to figure out why those cars came off the tracks. 

At this time it doesn't appear as if there was any foul play.  

Veazie and Bangor fire crews responded to the scene and say while 3 of the rail cars are carrying carbon dioxide, there is no danger to the public.

Pan Am officials say they will have to listen to the black box on the train as well as have their mechanics inspect the site before they can figure out what happened.

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