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Backyard Gardener Part 7: Hand Tools, & Preventative Measures for Weeding

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BANGOR - Now that crops in your garden are starting to sprout, weeds can be a nuisance. Our Erin Thomas has the latest on managing those pesky problems.

Now that the garden is starting to grow, it's time to keep up with the weeds. Fortunately we haven't had many yet, to keep it that way we brought in an expert to talk strategy.  Eric Gallandt, weed ecologist from the University of Maine, told us what to get.

We got the low down on which ones are best to have in the garden shed.
A long handled onion hoe will be useful for non-backbreaking labor, and a short handled hoe works for closer weeding.

Since we don't have to worry about that too much yet, Kate Garland, horticulturalist from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, showed us how to thin out our radish seedlings, since those have already sprouted. Then, a way we can hinder future weed growth.

Making sure to overlap newspapers between each tomato plant, and put a layer of straw on top, followed by lots of water.

Next week, we'll address the issue of pesky animals scoping out our crops.

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