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Bangor Band Holds First Waterfront Concert of 2013

BANGOR - Although the Bangor Band kicked off its summer concert series last week at the public library, the musicians performed their first Waterfront Concert of 2013 tonight.

People, and even some dogs, gathered by the Penobscot River on blankets, lawn chairs, benches, you name it, to hear works by R.B. Hall, Leroy Anderson and more.

The first outdoor concert, cosponsored by Groth & Associates, bringing in a very nice crowd this year.

"We're so happy we can inaugurate the first night on the Waterfront with sun - very exciting. The [Bangor] Parks & Recreation department has provided the shell that you see behind us, so it gives us a little bit of a backing. Hopefully the sound will go towards [downtown Bangor] as opposed to the river. And I see lots of our regular fans here, which is very exciting. We love to have a good turnout. It is a free concert so that's wonderful, and hopefully at this time next year we'll have a new gazebo," Sue McKay, from The Bangor Band, says.

Plans for the gazebo are still in the works, but McKay is confident there will be a new addition to the ever-changing Waterfront come next summer.

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