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Woman Visiting Maine Finds Message in a Bottle

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HAMPDEN - The Hampden Historical Society says it's a first for the river side town. A local family discovers a message in a bottle... it's origin remains a mystery.

Illinois native, Amber Woodworth, was walking along the banks of the Penobscot River in Hampden when she discovered a message in a glass bottle... with no cap... soaked in water. But the writing, still legible.


One page length of encouraging words using the beauty of nature as a metaphor, to enjoy the little things in life. Woodworth is a biology major with a double minor. She says she escapes the stress of everyday life by spending time outdoors -- hiking an average of eight miles a day since she moved to Maine for the summer.
"It just really it home for me. I honestly felt like it was meant for me... I couldn't believe it."
Kenneth Rowell, President of the Hampden Historical Society, says the find is a first for the town. However, after close inspection, he says there's no indication of where it came from or who wrote it.
Woodworth says she hopes by getting the word out, the person who wrote this message will come forward so she can thank them, and show them her appreciation.

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