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Backyard Gardener Part 6: Finishing Planting


BANGOR - This week we continue to try our own at growing veggies. Our Erin Thomas has the latest in "Backyard Gardener."
Despite a few days of steady rain this week we wrapped up the planting phase.
UMaine Cooperative Extension specialist, Kate Garland, helped us incorporate a few more crops.
We put in three rows of green beans, about 18-inches apart, next to the squash.
Then, carefully separated the onion seedlings.
Along the spinach, we put in two rows of mixed radish and carrots. And another row of radish between the onions as they harvest in about 28 days, before the onions grow to need more space.
We sowed the edible flower seeds in other patches around the garden, and labeled everything.
As we continue to water the garden, Kate says the big thing to watch out for are weeds.

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