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Canning Workshop Held at UMaine

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ORONO - Whether it's fruit, pickles, or vegetables you plan on canning, there are specific instructions you need to follow for a successful safe process.
The UMaine Cooperative Extension held a canning workshop Wednesday night to teach those in attendance just how this works.
For just 15 bucks a pop attendees were jamming out -- learning how to can a mixed berry jam.
"We do it every year, and we usually have it several times throughout the state," Community Education Assistant of the UMaine Cooperative Extension, Felicia Dumont says.
"My wife and I bought a house in Orono a year ago and it came with a big raspberry patch in the backyard. We didn't know what to do with it last year, so in the spring we trimmed it up and tied it all off and we figured we'd utilize all the raspberries to make Christmas gifts for our family," Kurt Anderson, an attendee says.
Whether you're making raspberry jam or canning vegetables, the process revolves around cleanliness.
"We don't want any food-born illnesses because of our class, so we test them to see if they know what they're doing before they leave," Dumont explains.
Once sanitized, canners began boiling the berries into liquid form while also throwing a massive amount of sugar to help with the sweetness factor.
But the most challenging aspect of the entire process?
"The precision of it. You have to be so careful on so many things and that's why we're here - to get a little bit more information so that we reduce our chances of making a critical error," Anderson explains.
The sealed jars are then placed back in the canner and boiled to eliminate any form of bacteria that may have appeared during the filling process. Once that is done, it's all about enjoying that savory sweetness.
If you'd like to learn more about these canning workshops or food preservation please check out for more information.
The next canning workshop will be held June 13th at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Waldo County Office.

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