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Transitioning from the Old Auditorium to the New


BANGOR - It's only a matter of weeks until the new Cross Insurance Center hosts its first event, as crews transition from the old space to the new.
The final touches now being put into place for the new Cross Insurance Center, as the transition continues from the old to the new.
"A lot of boxes, trying to figure out where everything is." Says Mike Dyer, GM for the Cross Insurance Center.
The Bangor Auditorium, holding its final event Wednesday night, now closing its doors and will soon become a memory.
"They will gradually shut things down. I believe the electricity is going off on the 3rd of June." Dyer said.
But the lights in the new center are on. It's only a matter of weeks until its starts being put to good use.
"We've got a couple of summer events, kind of soft opening events to make sure we know what we're doing," Says Dyer.  "Bangor High School graduation will be one of them."
It's not just basketball that will draw crowds by the thousands, as bigger names and acts looking to come to Bangor to entertain.
"Shows like to play new buildings, its worth something to them.  Of course, we'll love to have them." Says Dyer.

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