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Search for Nichole Cable Brings in Volunteers


GLENBURN - Volunteers from across the area gathered in Glenburn to look for evidence that may help investigators with the search for 15 year-old Nichole Cable.
It was a sea of neon Sunday morning at the Glenburn Fire Station, as Mainers from near and joined the ongoing effort to find Nichole Cable.
"In my heart it was like I couldn't live with myself if I didn't come out to help look for her. My heart goes out to the family," Phyllis Wakefield, an acquaintance of the family says.
Over 400 people signed up to help Game Wardens search the woods along 221, not far from where Cable was last seen on Spruce Lane.
"It's very overwhelming to see how many people would come out that may not even know this person, but it doesn't matter, you have to do what's right," Chris Bouchard, a volunteer, says.
Groups broke off in tens and twenties, scanning the brush for some key items - a belt of particular interest to investigators - as well as jewelry, and a smart phone.
But despite the delayed start, volunteers had no complaints; planning to stay for as long as necessary.
"I plan to stay here for as long as I have to. That's just how it is," Bouchard says.
Nichole's family also made an appearance, giving a heartfelt thank you to all those gathered.
Also, a Facebook campaign, "Keep Your Light on for Nichole Cable", was there trying to get the word out.
"We're encouraging those in Glenburn and in Maine, the United States and all around the world to turn your lights on tonight for Nichole. So when you're going down the road tonight you can see all those that are showing their support for [her]," Angel Wardel, says.
And for all those who turned out this Sunday, they can't imagine being anywhere else.
"I just want her to see us, and know that there are people who care about her. There are people who are willing to give up their weekend to come out and look for her even if they don't know who she is," Bouchard states.

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