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David Strathairn, an Academy Award Nominee, Makes Appearance at UMaine

ORONO - An Academy Award nominee made an appearance on the UMaine campus Monday night.
David Strathairn took on the role of Ajax in the dramatic reading of the character titled Greek play by Sophocles.
The "Theater of War" performance was made possible by Lunder-Dineen Health Education Alliance of Maine in honor of Maine's veterans, their families and communities.
Ajax is a fierce warrior who slips into depression towards the end of The Trojan War.
Strathairn explains how this play, that was written thousands of years ago, still can play a huge role in the lives of those facing depression of any sort today.
"These plays were written for a very specific purpose - to reintegrate and purify, or at least begin a purification of the sole, so to speak. Whether [veteran's are] dealing with these things on a very personal basis, here's another tool. It's another way to contextualize something that [veteran's] may not be able to talk about, but if you see a piece of literature 2,500 years old, that is essentially talking about the same things that [veteran's] are going through, then they can walk out of the room with something they can use," Strathairn says.
Theater of War has presented the reading of Ajax to military communities all across the United States.
Strathairn hopes that those suffering from some form of depression can take something positive out of seeing this dramatic reading.

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