Friday, 26 April 2013 21:35

Inkeepers Bill Making Way Through State House

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Inkeepers Bill Making Way Through State House
AUGUSTA - A bill will be heard in Augusta next week, which would give  innkeepers the right to involve law enforcement if a guest doesn't pay but continues to stay.
As the law stands now innkeepers, hotel managers, and campgrounds operators are treated like landlords.
If a problem arises with failure to pay, they have to go through a landlord-tenant process which involves the courts.
Leanne Hewey, the manager of Brewer's Vacationland Inn, is a supporter of LD 1270. She says this would clearly define that innkeepers are not landlords.
The public hearing will be held Monday at 10 am in room 437 at the state house. Hewey is asking any and all managers and innkeepers to come out and show their support for the hearing.