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Bangor Ranked as One of the Cleanest Cities in Air Pollution

BANGOR - The American Lung Association's State of Air 2013 report released today, finds Bangor to be one of the top 16 cleanest cities.
The ranking finds the Queen city as one of the cleanest cities in the country for short-term and year-round particle pollution.
Cities like Portland, Lewiston, and South Portland ranked among the most polluted cities for both ozone and short-term particle pollution in Maine.
Other good news coming from the report shows no county in Maine received a worse grade from the year before.
"I do remember fondly when I was growing up in Bangor, the air outside was totally pristine and beautiful. Now wood stoves and everything else, do change the quality of the air. So the air outside in the winter is certainly not the way it used to be," allergy specialist, Dr. Paul Shapero says.
Dr. Shapero also says awareness and even guilt about worsening the air will help people make better decisions in the future.

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