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Worst Job in America: Newspaper Reporter

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Worst Job in America: Newspaper Reporter

Do you think your job is the worst job in America? Well, a popular job site has released its latest list of the best and worst.'s Jobs Rated 2013 rankings takes a look at 200 careers -- evaluating them using criteria like income potential, growth and outlook, and stress level.


So who fared the best?


At the top of the list: Actuary, followed by biomedical engineer, software engineer, audiologist, and financial planner.


And as for the five worst:


Newspaper reporter takes the cake -- followed by lumberjack, enlisted military personnel, actor, and oil rig worker.


CareerCast says low salary prospects, tight deadlines, a 24/7 work environment, and a poor growth outlook pushed newpaper reporter to the very bottom of the list.


By contrast, actuaries are in high demand, enjoy a great work environment, and carry a median annual salary of almost $88,000.


For the full rankings, click here.

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