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Novelty Landmark Stolen, Destroyed in Jackman

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Novelty Landmark Stolen, Destroyed in Jackman

JACKMAN -- A 30-year-old landmark in Jackman is destroyed -- a man ripping it to shreds and dragging pieces of it behind his pickup.


It happened at around midnight Tuesday -- the fake police cruiser in front of the Jackman Trading Post ripped from its frame under the cover of darkness.


"He put a chain or something around it and was trying for quite a while to get the whole car," said Jim Hegarty, owner of the Jackman Trading Post. "But all of a sudden, he ripped the entire top right off of the bottom, and continued to drag it three miles on Route 201, scattering parts of the vehicle all over the place."


Authorities subsequently charged Michael Bishop, 31, of Solon with criminal mischief.


He's also accused of stealing a sign from a business in Caratunk.


Meanwhile, Hegarty says he's already looking for a replacement cruiser, and hopes to have it in place when the business opens in May.


The old 'black-and-white,' with a mannequin behind the wheel and a prosthetic leg hanging out the back window, attracted scores of visitors over the years.


Hegarty says the novelty vehicle even helped deter speeding along Route 201.




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