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'Right to Work' Bills Draw Accusations of 'Union Busting'

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'Right to Work' Bills Draw Accusations of 'Union Busting'

AUGUSTA -- Sparks are flying over two so-called "right to work" bills now before the Maine legislature.


A public hearing on both was held Monday.


LD 831 would allow private-sector employees to work at a unionized business without having to financially support the union.


The second bill, LD 786, would ban public unions from deducting money from a worker's paycheck to fund a union they're not a part of.


"This is about freedom of choice for working people and ending the corporate monopoly that the government has created for labor unions," said Rep. Lawrence Lockman (R - Amherst), the bills' sponsor. "[It's] just the basic principle that people shouldn't be forced to pay for something they don't want and didn't ask for."


Meanwhile, opponents see the measures as nothing more than an attempt to bust unions.


If the legislation is successful, Maine would be the only 'right to work' state in New England.

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