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Tensions Run High at East-West Corridor Meeting


BANGOR - For years now, the idea of an East-West highway running through small towns across the state has had several Nainers heated.  Many of which gathered today to voice their opinions to the construction company heading up the proposal.  Our Erin Thomas reports.
"People move to Garland or live in Garland because they want to be in a rural community.  I've lived there for 40 years...and I didn't move there to be in the middle of a huge highway."
Terry Croutch was one of many that came out Tuesday morning to ask questions of Cianbro CEO, Peter Vigue, about a proposed East-West corridor.  Several concerned citizens wanting to hear the latest on Cianbro's proposal.
Vigue said, "We have nothing to hide, we'll be open, communicate what information we have. And we'll be as transparent as we possibly can."
Matthew Newman, a member of the Stop the East-West Corridor Coalition said, "If he doesn't want people to think that this corridor is going to go through their towns or their homes, he should become much more forthright much more quickly than he has."

At this point nothing is set in stone, including an exact location, or a proposed start date.
Croutch said, "The only thing Mr. Vigue said today is he kept repeating- 'we don't know exactly where this is going to go'-in other words he won't tell us whether Garland is in the pathway.  But he did say it would definitely be south of Dover-Foxcroft...we're the first town south of Dover-Foxcroft."
However Vigue continually stated to those in attendance Tuesday... "We will continue to work hard to identify the routing of this highway to interact with the various stakeholders of these communities, as well as individual property owners to really understand their challenges, their issues, and also get them to understand what we're trying to accomplish here."

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