Day two of testimony in a murder trial is underway in Bangor.
Peter Robinson of Bradford is accused of killing David Trask during an argument that erupted during a land dispute.
Authorities testified that Robinson had closed his property to the public and the two had an ongoing dispute because Trask believed he had a right of way to reach his own property. It came to a head in November of 2011 when the two got into a heated argument. That's when prosecutors allege that Robinson struck Trask several times with a metal bar.
In court on Tuesday, the jury heard from first responders and police who investigated the case. The trial is expected to last six days.
Craig Colson

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Craig Colson became news director and anchor at WVII ABC 7 and WFVX Fox Bangor in December of 2012. He began his career in broadcasting in 1985 while working as a news photographer at another Bangor television station. Craig worked his way up through the ranks and became the main anchor for the nightly newscasts before leaving in 2009. At that point, he became news director for four local radio stations and delivered the morning news before taking on his current position.

Craig grew up in a "news family" and followed in the footsteps of his father who was also a news director and anchor. His brother is also a news photographer at a Boston television station.

Craig's career has brought him all over-reporting from everywhere from Washington D.C. to Red Square in Moscow, Russia. When he isn't reporting the news, Craig can be found taking on new adventures with his two daughters or exploring the coast of Maine in his kayak. His other passion is making furniture in his shop or just about anything involving the outdoors.

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