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Spring Storm Doesn't Stop Spring Businesses


BANGOR - Spring officially starts tomorrow but you wouldn't think that with all this snow. However, it's not stopping some of the businesses around town.
Snow is not something you'd like to see the day before Spring, but it's what Maine sometimes has to deal with. Although it didn't slow down any at Sprague's Nursery & Garden today as they received a major shipment of house plants and first spring bulbs.
Working quickly due to temperature restraints, retail mangager Melissa Higgins says the timing of this storm and shipment delivery was quite unexpected.
"I haven't seen a snowy March delivery of Easter lilies in quite some time, but it comes and it goes and you just have to kind of get through it," Higgins says.
"Some of us would like to be having a nice, cool refreshing beverage right now on a nice warm day, but Mother Nature doesn't seem to be agreeing with us."
The Lowe's on Springer Drive is all ready for Spring as well, but you won't believe when they first put out their Spring items.
Assistant store manager Marc Gray says, "We started putting patio product out right around January when we started doing the resets. Trying to be ready for it just in case the season does break early."
Everything from grills to lounge chairs, seeding, birdhouses, and select plants are waiting for purchase.
Despite the cold, wet weather outside, the staff of these businesses are optimistic.
"It's Maine. You just have to kind of roll with the punches. You know, we take one day at a time. This one will come, but it won't last too, too long. So we're still gearing up, and Spring will come as usual."
Karina Bolster reports.

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