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River Flow Advisory Commission Meeting

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River Flow Advisory Commission Meeting
AUGUSTA - Spring is coming and that means melting snow... lots of rain, and the possibility of flooding.
The River Flow Advisory Commission held its annual meeting today at the Maine Emergency Management Agency. 
There different groups discussed some of the concerns the Pine Tree State could be facing with when it comes to flooding this spring, and ways the state can be proactive with the issue.
Flooding this spring is not a major concern for officials, as the snow has slowly been melting throughout the winter.
However, the sequestration has affected the way scientist will be able to predict flooding, as the state will lose funding to keep all of their river gages running. making it hard to monitor water height.
Officials do say that on a day to day basis the loss of funds won't cause any problems, but they could lose important information that state officials could find helpful over the years.

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