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Part 2: Homeless in Bangor Featured

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BANGOR - I sat down with one ambitious woman who never gave up on herself.

She is now sharing her story with others to spread a positive message.


Tammy Wiblur said "I was living in Milo I lived there for like fourteen months. Before that I lived in north Anson."


Tammy volunteered to go to Acadia hospital for two weeks. "Got myself green papered down there. My attitude down there something I did."


She ended up meeting her fiance in Milo. After he passed she went up to the country to see if she could move on.


"Somehow I got down to Milo again, and then they thought I had overdosed so i ended up in the hospital and now I'm here" said Wilbur.


Tammy came to the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter almost two years ago.


"I stayed for a while and then hooked up with some guy and got out because I didn't want to be here, and I was out for a month and they got me back here" Wilbur said "I was a total wreck when I came in here didn't give a care didn't want to live anymore."


She says it wasn't easy starting off at the shelter.


"I screwed up say a few times I almost lost my place up there, but thank god I had my work and stuff, and I trust in my lord because he's the one who got me here, and I'm here" said Wilbur. "They could have scum me more than once, but they were right there for me and they understood me."


Executive Director of the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter Boyd Kronholm said "A lot of the homeless communities and the staff here look out for everybody."


Tammy says a lot of people come into the shelter with an attitude, like she once had.


"I broke rules myself here. Everybody's gotta break rules. I got on my phone when I wasn't suppose to. I'm not innocent" said WIlbur.


The shelter placed Tammy in an apartment that community housing of Maine rehabilitated.


"She wasn't necessarily happy there at first and she was always gonna leave. So it took her about 8 or 9 months to actually stabilize in there" said Kronholm.


"I didn't pay rent for a couple times because I had an attitude that I wanted to get out of here I hated Bangor. I didn't want to stay where I was staying so I got myself in so much trouble." Tammy says you just have to stick to it. "Bear with it and try to do it and just do what you need to do."


Not to long ago Tammy came to Boyd and asked if she could volunteer and help out in the kitchen.


"So our kitchen coordinator Mary said sure so she comes down and helps out in the kitchen" said Kronholm.


Tammy had to maintain other chores while staying at the shelter.


"I've done the bathrooms, I've done the kitchen, I've done dishes, I've done the windows and stuff. I like volunteering more than I think I have."


Tammy says she owes a lot to the shelter. She has one piece of advice to give new people living there. "Just do the program I mean you're gonna come in and you're going to have to follow the rules. If you don't follow the rules then you're gonna get banned or you're gonna get in trouble for it."


"But I know my life has turned around 90 degrees since I been in Bangor because there is a lot of help" said Wilbur.


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