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A growing movement: Seed Barn hosts event in Blue Hill

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BLUE HILL - A new initiative in Blue Hill is educating folks about the environment around them.

The idea is simple, but it's planting the seeds for a movement that organizers hope grows well into the future.

"It's important to maintain a connection to land we're working in," said Lee Lee, founder of the Seed Barn.

Lee Lee is passionate about preserving and restoring our natural world.

That's why she created a library of seeds in Blue Hill.

"This kind of issue is very relevant in Maine as well and all the U.S. because we've lost about 90% of our food biodiversity in last generation," said Lee.

The idea is to help people collect and grow native plants they might not know about.

"Start looking at the diversity of vegetables available we don't see in the grocery store," said Lee.

On Saturday, Lee Lee partnered with Blue Hill Heritage Trust to host a dry seed workshop, where folks could sow their own wildflower seeds.

"They're beautiful and they nourish the landscape in so many ways, both the soil and for pollinators. And there's so many of the plants that we can use to make teas or dyes," said Coral Breuer, a workshop participant.

"So often ideas about sowing and propagating native seeds seems very abstract to us and seems like it must be awfully complicated," said Chrissy Allen, of Blue Hill Heritage Trust. "And so coming to a workshop like this, and being able to really get your hands dirty with people who know what they're doing and leave with some plants of your own, but also the knowledge of how to do it on your own, hopefully will empower people to do it in their own home."

This event connects people to the earth in a simple way.

"I believe in saving seeds and just trying to figure out different ways that we can utilize all the life around us and work with it instead of trying to bring in other things to change it," said Rose Zoller, a workshop participant.

"Conservation itself is really a global theme and a global idea, and so to arm people with this knowledge here on our peninsula really helps them understand what's happening in other parts of the world," said Allen.