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Cause of Palm Street fire determined Featured

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Cause of Palm Street fire determined

BANGOR - Fire officials have determined what caused a terrible apartment fire on Palm Street.

It's a problem they've seen many times in the past. Turns out, a tenant had been using an open flame to try to thaw frozen pipes in his basement.


Those flames spread quickly and the entire home was lost by the time the flames were out.


Bangor Assistant Fire Chief said "Even though we go out every year and warn people not to do that, it still happens. We'd like to stress to people if you do have a freeze up and need to do it yourself, not not use a flame or torch. Use a hair dryer if possible or call a plumber to do it right."


Costello said the man also tried to put the fire out himself and it was a neighbor who saw the commotion and called 911. That gave the fire a big head start by allowing the flames to travel from the basement up through the walls and into the attic.


Two fire fighters were also injured while fighting that fire.