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Geaghan Bros Brewing hopes to break world record

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Geaghan Bros Brewing hopes to break world record

BANGOR - Geaghan Brothers Brewing Company is hoping to break a world record.

Friday night the local business attempted to break the record for highest number of cans opened at the same time.

The "Yes We Can" attempt was made during the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce annual awards dinner.

Geaghan's just recently started putting their beer into cans, a move they say betters the product.

"We were looking around and wanted to do something fun at the Chamber dinner this year for our fans, friends, family here in Bangor," said Andrew Geaghan, owner and brewer at Geaghan Bros Brewing. "And we found out the world record for cans opened simultaneously was set in Japan a year or two ago and it was 1149. Twelve hundred people in here tonight so we said 'let's give 'em all a beer.'"

Organizers also provided non-alcoholic options as well.

The official results still need to be verified by the Guinness Book of World Records before we know if they broke the record or not.