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Mayors of Bangor, ME and Bangor, PA make Superbowl bet Featured

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Mayors of Bangor, ME and Bangor, PA make Superbowl bet

BANGOR - Mayors from both Pennsylvania and Maine are joining in on the Superbowl fun by making a wager on which state's team will win.

There's a little bet between Mayor Ben Sprague of Bangor, Maine and Mayor Brook Kerzner of Bangor, Pennsylvania - and yes, they are spelled the same but pronounced differently.

The two mayors have placed bets on whether the Eagles or the Patriots will win Superbowl LII.

"I thought 'hey, this could be kind of fun to have a little bet between the two cities and get a little rivalry going,'" said Sprague. "It's all in good fun of course, but I do hope the Patriots and Bangor, Maine will be victorious on Superbowl night."

As part of the wager, Sprague is offering a box of Governor's whoopie pies, a Dysarts blueberry pie and a collection of Stephen King books for Bangor's library in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania mayor is wagering beer, chocolates, and a game board made of slate, since Bangor is a slate city.