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Sen. Collins' "talking stick" helped resolve shutdown Featured

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Sen. Collins' "talking stick" helped resolve shutdown

WASHINGTON, DC - Wonder what it took to ultimately end the government shutdown?

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) led a group of bipartisan senators, who reached a compromise with the help of a now-famous "talking stick."

The stick had been given to the Republican Senator a while ago.

The idea is simple - if you're holding the stick, you are allowed to speak.

Then the stick is handed off to the next person and everyone else is expected to listen.

"It is amazing, this stick both helped to lighten the mood in the room when I first brought it out and tensions were quite high, and it also, and much more important, ensured that everyone had an opportunity to express his or her views without interruption," Sen. Collins said.

Senator Collins said she never would have expected the stick to play such an important role in ending the shutdown.

The bipartisan group, called the Common Sense Coalition was created in 2013 to help end the government shutdown in that year.