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Man who marched with Dr. King in 1965 honors his legacy Featured

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BAR HARBOR - The single digit temperatures didn't stop people from marching in memory of Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

One person remembers meeting Doctor King, and says his message is still true today.

"His dream is still with us," Walter Seward said.

On days like today, Seward looks back when he was in Boston in 1965.

"I saw Dr. King's parade, and I joined it and I reflect upon that now," Seward said. "And I'm sure those who do participate today will say to themselves this is something I did that I'll never regret."

Now, more than 50 years later, Seward joined another march, this time to remember Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

"He had a dream, and he would be happy to know that we are carrying his dream on," Seward said.

More than a hundred people marched through the streets of Bar Harbor, despite the single digit temperatures, showing the spirit of Doctor King is alive and well.

"The legacy of Doctor King is one of inclusive brotherhood and sisterhood. We feel like that is an important message for today, tomorrow, for every day," said Pastor Rob Benson of the Bar Harbor Congregational Church.

"They know that now, and they're willing to come and fight, to come and make a statement and walk and march, even if it's ten degrees," said Jackie Davidson, executive director of the Mount Desert YWCA.

Folks of all ages carried signs with messages they say are still relevant today.

"While today is a special day for kids and families to commemorate and learn about his life's work, it's a good reminder to keep practicing what he taught us all year round," said Kendra Rand, one of the event's co-organizers.

And for Seward, it was heartwarming to see so many people stand in solidarity with someone he's still inspired by all these years later.

"In life we all have to have heroes, someone we look up to and emulate, and I think Doctor King is one of those people," said Seward.