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Fatal Franklin accident under investigation Featured

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Fatal Franklin accident under investigation

FRANKLIN - Authorities continue to investigate a deadly crash involving two trucks collided near the Canadian border.

The Franklin County Sheriffs Department said it happened around 9:30 a.m. Monday on Route 27 in Chain of Ponds Township.


A fuel truck and an empty tractor trailer collided as they attempted to pass each other on the road.


Gregory Hutchinson, 51, of Carthage had been driving the Dead River fuel truck. He was killed instantly in the crash.


Police say Jeffrey Lang, 70, of Rumford was driving the tractor trailer.


Officials said his empty trailer lost traction on the snow covered road and jackknifed into the other lane where it collided with the delivery truck.


The fuel truck was loaded with 2,000 gallons of number two heating oil and 800 gallons of kerosene.


The tank ruptured during the crash and the DEP was called to the scene to help with the cleanup.