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Bangor council continues marijuana debate Featured

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Bangor council continues marijuana debate

BANGOR - The City of Bangor is still plugging away at its efforts to govern marijuana sales.

And last night's city council meeting was more about where the city stands fundamentally.


With a ban on retail marijuana stores on the table the council didn't have enough yes votes to pass it, only getting five out of the required six votes.


But there's already is a moratorium on stores until April in place.


Some councilors seemed a bit frustrated that not enough progress has been made on finding out if the city is viable and there's also a divide on whether weed should be sold at all.


Councilor Joe Perry stated "We had several meetings on this and heard lots of concern on marijuana use in the city, and I did not hear a single concern that I believed would be solved by banning the retail sale."


"I feel like voting no will ensure us taking action on actually going through and having the conversations that we still have not yet had," added councilor Sarah Nichols.


Councilor Dan Tremble stated "I think it sends a mixed message about drug use in the city if we want to allow retail establishments, and we have a full-frontal attack on the opiate problem. I just think it's an inconsistent approach to the drug problem, so I'm going to be voting no."


Councilor Neally noted that the council split reflects how the vote went in November.


The council had no debate before voting to enact a ban on cannabis social clubs.