Monday, 11 December 2017 17:13

'Tis the season: Winter storm boosts equipment sales Featured

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BANGOR - Each year, the first snow of the season catches people off guard, even though we all know it's coming.

This past weekend's snow storm has people out and about buying all sorts of products to get them through the winter.

"A lot of all seasons we're selling for sure, but a lot of snow tires as well," said Hank Bartlett, a service writer at Stratham Tire.

Stratham has been busy readying cars for the winter roads.

"Yeah it's actually been crazy. People have been coming in left and right. It's the first snow of the year, we're all trying to get our snow tires on," Bartlett said.

Just down the road, at Greenway Equipment Sales, as temperatures drop, sales on snowblowers are heating up.

"We're always very busy leading into the first storm, a lot of people because of last winter were prepared a little earlier this year," said Jeremy Snow of Greenway Equipment Sales.

But lots of last minute shoppers were stocking up on scrapers and shovels at Fairmount Hardware.

"Basically over the years, everybody waits until the last minute to get their salt and stuff like that," said Sheldon Hartstone, owner and manager of Fairmount Hardware.

On the other hand, for skiers and snowboarders, snow is all play, and not so much work.

"It definitely gets people excited to be outside and having fun in the snow," said Jason Peet, owner of Ski Rack Sports.

There's a lot of energy at Ski Rack Sports, with people coming in to grab coats, gloves, and equipment to hit the slopes.

"Certainly people start thinking about skiing when there's snow on the ground, so ski sales were big this weekend," Peet said.