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Local reaction to Times Square explosion Featured

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Local reaction to Times Square explosion

BANGOR - Mainers are reacting to the incident they are calling an attempted terrorist attack in New York City Monday morning.

Four people were injured when a man set off an explosive device beneath the Port Authority bus terminal near Times Square.


The area was packed with morning commuters at the time.


Bangor resident Laura York said she is leaving for New York Friday.


York stated she has been planning a birthday celebration for her sister for months and they will be staying just a couple of blocks from where the explosion happened. She added "If you let it effect you they are just going to keep doing it and we are all going to be so scared to do anything. They are getting what they want."


Bangor resident Derek Mitchell was at the port authority bus terminal around 10 a.m., a couple hours after the explosion.


Mitchell said buses were initially diverted but they were allowed back to the terminal.


27 year old suspect from Bangladesh is in the hospital with a badly injured arm and torso. Police say he has been living in the United States for seven years and there is an ISIS connection.