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Students at All Saints School give items to moms in need Featured

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BANGOR - The children at All Saints School in Bangor held a baby shower to help give back to women in the community.

Saint John Church on York street was filled with angelic voices as the children from All Saints School spread across the pews during a mass to recognize the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.


"It is when Mary was conceived in her mother's womb without sin and was chosen to be the mother of Jesus," said Sophie Marquis, a student at All Saints School.


Over the last several years, students have held a baby shower. They bring gifts and place them at a statue of Mary, but these presents won't be staying at the church.


"We're bringing baby gifts for mothers who don't necessarily have a whole lot so we can help them out in the greater Bangor area," said Liam Ravan, a student at the All Saints School.


School officials said there's always going to be a need in the community, and it's important for the kids to recognize that.


"Whether it be young children middle-aged people or elderly. So it's important that all of us have that sense of community in helping one another," said Joseph Gallant, Principal of the All Saints School.


Diapers, clothing, bottles, and, more. Kids have a choice of picking out on thing to give, something many seem to enjoy.


"I think it's kinda fun to go shopping for stuff like this for babies then you know that you're doing something good and the babies can now get what they need," said Marquis


"It really makes me feel a lot better that some of these mothers, like their babies knowing that they'll be warm cause people have been giving them hats and mittens like diapers and things. So it really helps them out to they can focus on buying things like food," said Ravan.


The items will be distributed to area agencies who help new mothers in need. Last year close to 400 items were collected, this year the school of All Saints hopes to exceed that.


"It's the Christmas season, we should be really giving all the time," said Ravan.


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