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"Fight with me": Toddler awaits transplant, needs funding for expenses Featured

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MILLINOCKET - In 2016, we told you a story about Ashton, a young boy in need of a kidney transplant.

Well Ashton has now found a match, but now needs your help to get through the surgery and recovery.

Most of the time, 3-year-old Ashton is full of energy.

"Looking at him right now, I would say you'd never know he doesn't feel so good," said Danielle Lozier, Ashton's mom.

Ashton was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease when he was 10 months old. He was born a triplet,15 weeks early.

"He's the only survivor of the triplets, his brothers passed away at 7 weeks and 11 months old.  So, to begin with it's been a journey," said Lozier.

Earlier this year, Ashton matched with a live donor, meaning he'll be celebrating the new year by getting a new kidney.

"Once the kidney transplant is out of the way, he should be able to live a relatively normal, healthy life," said Lozier.

They'll head to Boston for the procedure, spending more than four weeks there for the surgery and follow up appointments.

"We've gotten through everything this far, we'll get through it," Lozier said.

But they need your help.

"We have to pay for housing, we have to pay to eat, we have to pay for transportation, parking, everything costs money," said Lozier. "It's really hard to do it on our own."

The two are raising money to pay for expenses, with shirts and through a go fund me page.

Each dollar helps the family through something no parent or child should have to endure.

"Life just doesn't always go as it's planned, and sometimes you have to ask for help from other people even though you don't want to," said Lozier.

The pair's strength shows through all they do. But for Danielle, there was no other option.

"Everyone always says you're so strong, you're so strong. But when you're the parent, you just do what you have to do. There's no questions asked, you just do it," said Lozier. "It's not about me, it's about Ashton."

To help Ashton, visit his Facebook page Almighty Ashton's Journey to Kidney Transplant.

You can also donate directly on his GoFundMe page.