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"Tree for Boston" makes special stop in Augusta Featured

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AUGUSTA - Each year, the City of Halifax sends a Christmas tree to the city of Boston as a symbol of appreciation, but the special spruce made a stop in our Capitol Monday.

Nova Scotia's tree for Boston rolled into Augusta Monday to quite a welcome party.

"It's nice to see it here," said Bridget MacLean, who attended the ceremony.

Every year, the City of Halifax sends a Christmas tree to the City of Boston as a way to say "thank you" for aid Boston provided, after two ships collided in Halifax Harbor in 1917. That collision resulted in an explosion that killed 2,000 people and wounded thousands more.

"The next day in Halifax, December 7th, there was a blizzard and the help couldn't have come quicker and more significantly," said Minister Leo Glavine of Nova Scotia.

This year, the tree stopped in Augusta for a World War I Commemoration Ceremony, 100 years after the tragedy.

The event recognized the role Mainer's also played in helping our Canadian neighbors.

"It's a wonderful moment to again show our appreciation and to recall those who responded," said Minister Glavine.

Instead of focusing on the disaster, this ceremony emphasized the outpouring of kindness between two nations in a difficult time.

"I think commemorating those events is important because it teaches us to continue those bonds," said Jamie Beaulieu, who attended the ceremony.

"That's what is really important about that day in December. It wasn't what happened in Europe, it's what was happening among our own homes, our own neighborhoods, and being able to stand with each other and help each other out in a difficult time," said Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap.

The next time we see this tree, it'll be making it's way into Boston Common.