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State capitol crawling with insects for "Bug Maine-ia" Featured

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AUGUSTA - How many times have you held a cockroach and enjoyed it? Probably not too often.

Most of the time bugs creep us out but once a year, the capitol becomes a place where kids can learn about insects the fun way.

"See it? That thing crawling!" said one student.

This is "Bug Maine-ia", a celebration of crawling critters at the Maine State Museum.

"It feels kinda soft and squishy," said one girl holding a cockroach.

Anything you want to know about insects, you can learn here.

Bees, scorpions, and millipedes...oh my.

"It's hard like a stick," said one boy as a stick bug crawled up his arm.

These bugs you can look at, hold, even eat.

"I like how you get to hold a spider, and a thing I don't know what it's called but it had a million legs," said another girl on a class field trip.

The chances of finding a tarantula here in Maine are pretty slim, but being able to see and hold these creatures helps teach kids an important lesson.

"Once they realize that insects are not so scary, even the big ones, they can learn to live with them, and not be so afraid and recognize their value," said one educator at the event.

"I think the stick bug wants to be friends with me," one boy said as he held a stick bug.

"A lot of them are already fascinated by bugs, and this is a way to say science is a really great thing, it's not as dry as you think it is," said Joanna Torow, Chief Educator at the Maine State Museum.