Thursday, 17 August 2017 17:24

Cianbro opens new workforce development facility Featured

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PITTSFIELD - Cianbro unveiled the new headquarters for its educational institute, helping to create skilled construction workers during a time when the industry is struggling.

Construction industry leaders spent the day checking out Cianbro's new workforce development facility.

The building will be the headquarters for the Cianbro Institute, the company's educational program.

"That's been very, very successful for our company for a long time, but it needs to grow and expand just like our company is growing and expanding," said Peter Vigue, CEO of Cianbro Corporation.

Cianbro is continuing to help reduce the shortage of skilled workers in the industry. Governor Paul LePage applauding the company's efforts.

"It thinks outside the box, its always looking for ways to improve work force, always looking for ways to make sure that the workforce is skilled," Gov. LePage said.

The center offers hands-on training for a number of different areas of expertise.

"It allows them to practice those skills in a real life atmosphere," Vigue said.

Cianbro says this new facility not only helps the company itself but also the people in Pittsfield and throughout the state.

"Not only does it enhance and improve their ability to learn and develop but it also affects and impacts their behavior in society," Vigue said "It's all about supporting their needs, and allowing them the opportunity to grow and develop and be successful in their lives."

Cianbro is looking to hire more than 300 new workers. Any training those people would go through would be done at this new facility.