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House that inspired 'Charlotte's Web' on the market for $3.7 million Featured

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BROOKLIN - The house where famous writer E.B. White once lived is up for sale.

"It's very much the way it was," said Robert Gallant, who owns the estate.

He and his wife Mary purchased the 48-acre property from the White family in 1986, after the author, known as Andy to his friends, passed away.

"At the beginning a lot of people were stopping by and coming up to the back door, knocking and wanting to see," Robert said.

Now, their phones won't stop ringing with people interested in the historic home where White lived with his wife, New Yorker editor Katharine Angell.

"Up here on the wall is one of the very first covers of New Yorker magazine," Robert said.

The place is a living version of one of White's most popular creations.

"We have everything he ever wrote here, I think," Robert said.

If you've ever read 'Charlotte's Web' then one building on the property should look familiar. The barn on the site is the exact the barn that helped inspire that iconic children's novel.

"The pictures in the book are identical to the barn and under the house," said Mary.

Details from the story can be found throughout the barn, including the rope swing that Fern, a character in 'Charlotte's Web', enjoyed swinging on.

Even that famous web.

"This is the genuine location of Charlotte's web," Robert said.

All of this can be yours, for $3.7 million. The owners say they don't want the property to become anything commercialized.

"I think it should stay a residence, and that's what Andy wanted," said Robert.

If you're interested in buying the home, contact Martha Dischinger at Blue Hill's Downeast Properties.