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New national monument web series to include Katahdin Woods and Waters Featured

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BANGOR - National Monuments across the country have been under review from the Trump administration for the past few months. A freelance journalist  is doing his own review with a stop here in Maine .

"Katahdin is the last stop on this journey that I have had for the last three weeks," said Brent Rose, a freelance journalist. 


A journey that started on a whim. Rose is on a mission and that's to prove to the Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke, that these monuments are deserving of their titles.


"When I dreamed up the idea, I was like, I am freelance - I will just keep writing as I am doing this. I'll be driving around - no that was very optimistic," said Rose, "It's been two full time jobs in one."


He decided to leave his career and take off on this journey and has been living in a van since then but for him, it's all worth it.


"Wilderness areas has always been incredibly important to me," said Rose, "Growing up, it was how I grounded myself and think clearer. It's the best free therapy you can get."


During his visits to the monuments, he was able to explore all of the recreational opportunities and meet some of the locals. Much like Katahdin Woods and Waters, according to him, these monuments have so much to offer people.


"I am just hoping to take some cool pictures - show some cool streams and just show why this place is so special and why it's worthy of monument status," he said. 


Many of these monuments are located near towns that are slowly struggling. Much like Millinocket, after the mill closure, having a monument so close could bring thousands of tourists to the area.


"I found people on the ground on the local municipalities are overwhelmingly in support of these things," said Rose "There are few private interests who are afraid of losing their logging rights or grazing rights but in general that hasn't been happening, most of those fears are actually unfounded," said Rose. 


He's hoping to get the videos of all of the monuments he's traveled to by July 10th. That's the deadline for the comment section on The Secretary of Interior's website.


"This is the kind of thing that you gotta get involved and we only have one chance to save these places because once they are gone, they are gone," he said. 


To follow his journey CLICK HERE.  Also, to leave a comment on The Secretary of Interior's page, CLICK HERE.


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