Craig Colson

Craig Colson

News Director/Producer/Anchor
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Craig Colson became news director and anchor at WVII ABC 7 and WFVX Fox Bangor in December of 2012. He began his career in broadcasting in 1985 while working as a news photographer at another Bangor television station. Craig worked his way up through the ranks and became the main anchor for the nightly newscasts before leaving in 2009. At that point, he became news director for four local radio stations and delivered the morning news before taking on his current position.

Craig grew up in a "news family" and followed in the footsteps of his father who was also a news director and anchor. His brother is also a news photographer at a Boston television station.

Craig's career has brought him all over-reporting from everywhere from Washington D.C. to Red Square in Moscow, Russia. When he isn't reporting the news, Craig can be found taking on new adventures with his two daughters or exploring the coast of Maine in his kayak. His other passion is making furniture in his shop or just about anything involving the outdoors.

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Couple sentenced for crime spree

A Winterport woman and an Old Town man are heading to prison for a drug-driven burglary spree last spring.

Jessica Gray and Jonathon Brothers, both 24 years old, pleaded guilty to several felony charges Thursday in Penobscot County Superior Court.

the residential burglaries occurred in Waldo and Penobscot counties from March to September.

During one of the burglaries in Frankfort, a two-year-old child was in the house and hid under the bed.

Brothers was sentenced to 6 years in prison with all but 15 months suspended while Gray received a sentence of 4 years in prison with all but 12 months suspended.

KeepME Home Plans to Help Seniors Stay Home

BANGOR - The state's aging population is growing at a rapid rate, meaning more and more Mainers are left with the decision of surviving on their own or moving into a home. Now there's a new plan to make things a little easier.

Parents Day Out

BANGOR - If you need to get some last minute shopping or cleaning done this weekend, the Maine Discovery Museum wants to help you out.

Victim of deadly accident identified

Authorities have identified a woman who was killed during a tragic accident in Glenburn.

State police say it was 66 year old Barbara Crossman who was struck and killed by a vehicle on the Pushaw Road.

Police say it appears Crossman was crossing the road to get her mail as she was approached by an suv driven by 57 year old Stephen Niles of Bradford.

It was dark and raining at the time and Niles says he didn't see Crossman in the roadway.

He thought he struck a deer or other animal.

An accident reconstruction expert was called to the scene to help determine how the accident happened.

All the information gathered will be given to the District Attorney's office which is standard procedure in the wake of a fatal crash.



New medical pot rules

 State officials have announced changes to Maine's medical marijuana program.
Starting January 5th, medical providers who recommend patients use the drug will be required to issue patient identification cards. That's currently done by the state and the new system will save time and money. The caregivers will also enter information about the patients in an online program, but officials say that information is erased as soon as the card in printed.  The special paper the cards are printed on is also designed to cut down on fraud. Some people have apparently been printing their own cards and using them at multiple dispensaries to acquire additional marijuana. Program administrators say the changes will help take the state out of the doctor/patient relationship.

Lobster boat fire

The crew aboard a lobster boat had to be rescued today after fire broke out.
The unnamed vessel was in the waters off Vinalhaven the flames erupted. The Coast Guard, Marine Patrol and a good samaritan all raced to the scene. There isn't much information available, but the coast guard says the crew members were brought to the mainland for medical treatment. They didn't release any names or say where the vessel was from. The boat is currently tied up in Hurricane Sound near Vinalhaven. we'll have more information as it becomes available.

Mother found guilty of murder

A judge has rejected the insanity plea of a mother accused of killing her daughter. 25 year old Leanna Norris is charged with killing Loh Melody Grenda in June of 2013. The toddler had been given antihistamine and duct tape had been placed over her mouth.Norris claimed she was insane at the time and left her fate in the hands of the judge that presided over the non jury trial. The judge ruled that Norris knew the difference between right and wrong and even though her judgment was impaired she knew what she was doing was wrong. Norris, formerly of Stetson, faces up to 25 years in prison. A sentencing date has not been set.  .

Verso injunction

Unions representing Bucksport paper makers have filed an injunction against the Verso paper company.
They're trying to force Verso to give the workers severance pay soon after the mill closes this month and not wait 3 months as it plans. The state says Maine law requires the company to pay the money within the first pay cycle after they're laid off. Verso claims that's not the case and they have a contract that indicates they can pay them this spring. The injunction filed today seeks to place attachments on the company's real estate in Bucksport or on any proceeds that come from the mills sale.


Wet getaway

A Wiscasset man is facing charges following an unusual confrontation with police. The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department says a deputy tried to catch up with a man yesterday on Westport Island after hearing that he was acting strangely and was possibly in need of medical attention.
That man was later identified as 32 year old Daniel Colby who they say was also jumping into traffic and trying to enter passing cars. Police eventually found him near the Back River where Colby tried elude arrest by swimming away. After refusing to come back to shore a boat was launched with police and rescuers on board. They tried to talk him into coming aboard, but he declined and also refused putting on a life jacket.Police say Colby gave up when he was pepper sprayed and towed back to shore. He's now charged with eluding arrest and police also discovered that he had three active warrants for his arrest.  Those warrants for unpaid fines, cultivation of marijuana and refusing to submit to arrest. 

Vienna home destroyed


Fire marshal's are looking for the cause of a blaze that destroyed a home in Vienna.

A man and a woman were inside the home on the Mountain Road last night when the flames erupted.

They managed to get out safely and no one was hurt.

Fire crews from several departments  managed to keep the flames from spreading to another nearby home.

Fire chief Brian Church tells us it's owned by john lehr and he believes the owner is staying with his son for the time being.

The chief also plans to contact the Red Cross to see if the organization can offer assistance.

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