Brittany Devane

Brittany Devane

Reporter/Sports Reporter
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Brittany joined the WVII/WFVX team in August 2012 and quickly found a home in the sports department, where she works as a reporter and weekend anchor. She is originally from Framingham, MA and graduated cum laude from Boston University with a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism.

She's also the station's sideline reporter and has appeared on nationally broadcast UMaine football games, along with NESCom-aided productions of Husson Eagles' football and basketball games.

Before coming to Maine, she spent the summer of 2012 in London, working as an Olympic Correspondent for GoLocal Worcester. Previously, she was also the Boston Bruins and Hockey East intern for NESN. Adding to her intern experience, she worked on the nightly news magazine show "Chronicle" for WCVB.

She's a huge hockey fan who can usually be found around the Alfond. If she's not there, check the local football field sidelines, or the Cross Insurance Center during basketball games!

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Olympian Julia Clukey Visits FOX-22

BANGOR - It's been a roller coaster career for Olympian and Augusta native Julia Clukey. After a 17th place finish in the Luge World Championships this past season, Julia announced she'd be returning for another year of competition. Julia stopped by the FOX-22 studios to catch up with our Brittany Devane, talking about a potential run for the 2018 Olympics, and her plans for a busy summer. Here are some Q&A excerpts from the interview.

What did you take away from one more season of competition?

This past year was really a transitional year for me. I transitioned to a new sled. It was something that needed to happen for me to move forward with the technology aspect of our sport. So it was a tedious process, there were some ups and downs with that, but I feel really good about where I ended the season.


You announced you'd be coming back next year. Still no word yet on South Korea, the 2018 Olympics. What is your body telling you?

You know my body right now is telling me that I'm more motivated than ever to stay on the sled, to keep fighting for the goals that I still have set for myself, things that i want to accomplish in the sport. I've only been off the sled for two weeks but I really can't wait to get back on it and pick up where I left off. I feel very strongly that I still have a lot of energy left in my tank and I'm willing to put in the work necessary to get back to the results that I want at the World Cup level. So, I'm kind of going to ride that and i would say I'm leaning that way [towards making a run at the 2018 Winter Games]."


You bring this message of positivity around to schools. You've been paired up with Maine Beer & Wine Distributors for the last couple years, what do you try to teach the kids when you go into schools and talk to them?

The first thing is that you have to try a lot of new things. Anytime you have the opportunity to try something new you should always say yes because you don't know what activities you're going to find that you enjoy and love. Finding things that you're passionate about make it easier to make healthy decisions for yourself. That's what we want all young Maine kids to do is make healthy, good decisions. From there, when you do find something that you love, you have to be willing to work hard and set goals for yourself to get to the next step. Lastly... overcoming obstacles and being ready for challenging times because no matter what, life throws you curveballs sometimes and you have to be prepared for those and you have to have a good support system in place and just be ready to work even harder when those challenging times come.


What can girls expect if they attend your summer camp?

It's a 10-day summer camp in Readfield, Maine. It's a day camp for girls grades 4 through 8. The whole focus of the camp is similar to my high school and middle school presentations. We talk about setting goals, we talk about overcoming obstacles. We talk about body image and stereotypes and how to not let those things define the choices we're making, not limiting yourself from going after activities that you love. So it's a really passionate project of mine. It's the fourth year of camp and we expect to be full.


How do you do it all? It sounds like you have so much on your plate. How do you keep it all straight?

I am very busy but I've always enjoyed being very busy. I love sliding and training but I also love my interaction with kids in the community, it's really important to me. Growing up in the state of Maine I feel like the community is a part of my success that I've had and I want to give back to the state the same way that I feel I have been given. Any opportunity that I have to meet with kids, to share my story with kids, it's hard for me to say no to those opportunities regardless of how busy it keeps me traveling around the state.


Maine Adds Versatile Italian Player, Barron Talks Contract

ORONO - The rich keep getting richer for Maine women's basketball. Black Bears today announcing the addition of versatile Italian player Isabel Hernandez Pepe to next season's roster.  As for Head Coach Richard Barron, he's entering the final year of his contract.  The mastermind behind Maine's turnaround is sure to have caught the attention of programs around the nation, which begs the question, how much longer does he have with the Black Bears?

EMCC Suspends Athletics for 2015-2016 School Year

BANGOR - Recently, Eastern Maine Community College announced athletics would be suspended for the upcoming school year. While coaches and players are left reeling, administrators say it's for the best. Here's what both sides have to say.

Pro Vintage Championship Results Saturday 3/21

HAMPDEN - Here is the complete list of results from Saturday's Pro Vintage Championship Series races in Hampden.


Pro Vintage Single Cylinder Stock
1st Derek Gould #66
2nd NIck Huff #121
3rd Daytona Gould #68
4th Ryan Sullivan #54N
5th Jake Bissonnette #72
6th John Kill #V8
7th Shane Grindle #38
8th Chris Quirck #7X
9th Mark Newcombe Jr. #209
10th Robert Dyer #70 DNS
Pro Vintage Single Cylinder Mod
1st Derek Gould #66
2nd Jake Bissonnette #61
3rd Mark Newcombe Jr. #209
4th Dave Panek #25
5th Shane Grindle #427
6th Brandon Farrin #39
7th Nick Huff #121
8th Todd Goodine #87X
9th Erik St. Peter #140
10th Tom Pedersen 131x DNS
11th Chuck Scribner #87 DNS
120 Stock
1st Chris Merrow #74
2nd Noah Alexander #17
3rd Evan Witham #11
4th Brodi Soper #28
5th Victoria Mccrum #102
6th Evan Walker #18
120 Improved Stock
1st Austin Witham #120
2nd Jet Decker # 01
3rd Gauge Mccrum #82
4th Carter Wiggin #6
5th Levi Scripture #22
120 Modified
1st Logan Suitter #564
2nd Jet Decker #01
3rd Carter Wiggin #6
4th Guage Mccrum #82
5th Victoria Mccrum #102
6th Levi Scripture #22
Twin 340cc
1st Mark Newcombe Jr. #209
2nd Brandon Farrin #39
3rd Tom Pedersen #214
4th Tom Locke #73
5th Justin Artus #11X
6th Ed Fortier #101
7th John Kill #V8
8th Nick Pelletier #42
9th Kyle Pedersen #116
10th Barry Poulin #72
11th Josh Lord #80X
12th Robert Dyer #70 DNS
Twin 440cc
1st Nick Huff #121
2nd Dayton Gould #68
3rd Todd Goodine #87x
4th Chris Quirck #80G
5th Matt Weeks #69X
6th Chris Frasier #251
7th Chris Weymouth #22X
8th Denny Knight #X DNS
Leaf Spring Open
1st Todd Goodine #87X
2nd Kyle Pedersen #116
3rd Matt Weeks # 69X
4th Tyler Bouchard #1233
5th Tim Locke #73
6th Chris Weymouth #22X DNS
Ladies Powder Puff
1st Brookie Chambers #66
2nd Katrina Lavoy #101
3rd Madison Rossignol #121


Maine Pro Day 2015

ORONO - Maine Pro Day 2015 was a step in the right direction for Black Bears hoping to crack an NFL roster. A handful of seniors set personal records as they showed their stuff to pro scouts.

What Was Your Favorite Part About All-Star Weekend?

BANGOR - Husson University was the place to be Saturday if you like high school basketball. McDonald's All-Star weekend was capped off with the annual East/West games, along with Dunk- and Three-Point shooting competitions. It was all smiles at Newman Gymnasium as the seniors reflected back on their favorite part of the last few days.

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