'Stock up on condoms': Campaign ads go for shock value in final blitz

Condom shortages. A drowning child. Drug-addled monkeys. These are just a few of the topics tackled in the final batch of campaign ads being aired ahead of next week's elections, as political campaigns and allied groups push the envelope in pursuit of undecided voters and perhaps those who hadn't been paying attention until now.

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Facing justice: Trooper ambush suspect Eric Frein makes initial court appearance

Prosecutors vowed to seek the death penalty for Eric Frein, the suspected cop killer nabbed Thursday night in rural Pennsylvania after a seven-week manhunt that ended with the self-styled survivalist shackled in the handcuffs of his alleged victim.

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Amanda Bynes released from psychiatric facility, slams parents in Twitter rant

Amanda Bynes was reportedly wandering the streets of the Sunset Strip hours after being released from the psychiatric facility where she was held for more than 2 weeks, TMZ reports.

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Persecution, torture, murder: Iran blasted on human rights ahead of UN hearing

The United Nations presented a compelling argument to end a slew of human rights violations including testimony from the attorney for an Iranian woman who was recently hanged after being wrongfully convicted of murdering a man she alleged was trying to rape her.

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Chelsea Handler slams Instagram for removing her topless pic

What started out as a funny joke is now turning into a mudslinging war of words.Chelsea Handler spoofed an iconic photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin posing shirtless on top of a horse by Instagramming a picture of herself topless on a horse along with the caption: "Taking this down is sexist.

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