Growing divide among Senate Republicans on spending bill?

Republican aren’t mincing words about some in their own party as the political divide grows and the deadline to pass a spending bill nears.


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Delaware teen accused of killing father with crossbow

Delaware State Police say a teenager killed his father with a crossbow, the arrow shooting him in the stomach, but investigators haven't determined a motive in the case.

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Krauthammer: Warren’s opposition to spending bill is ‘spectacular hypocrisy’

Charles Krauthammer said on “Special Report with Bret Baier” Friday that opposition to a congressional spending bill by Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., was an act of “spectacular hypocrisy. A festival of hypocrisy.”

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Angelina Jolie missing 'Unbroken' premiere because of chicken pox

Angelina Jolie is unable to promote her new film, "Unbroken," reports Rob Shuter of

Universal Pictures announced that the actress is suffering from a "mild bout of chicken pox" that will keep her from making public appearances to support the film, which she directed.

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SC landlord says visiting solder can't stay in wife's apartment

A soldier's return home for the holidays to be with his wife and newborn baby is being sabotaged by what he calls a Scrooge landlord.

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