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Just how much does HealthCare.gov cost?

Government officials deny the price tag on the troubled Obamacare website is as big as $634 million, as widely reported on Thursday. Nonetheless, a close look at the cost of HealthCare.gov and the overall architecture of this giant federal program reveals no real bargain for the American taxpayer.

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10 dumbest smartphone features

Today’s high-end smartphones have a host of whizbang features that differentiate them from their competitors. From Samsung’s Multi Window, which lets you view two apps side by side, to LG’s QTranslate app, which scans foreign-language text with the camera to translate it in real time, a number of these goodies really do make your life better. However, like spinning rims on a car, many proprietary smartphone features are all style and no substance. These are the dumbest smartphone features today from our friends at Laptopmag.com.

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