Kayla Fish

Kayla Fish

STATEWIDE - Search and rescue teams across the state are experts when it comes to navigating the wilderness, especially when a life is at stake.

But even these crews face challenges during the winter and need to prepare for the cold.

BAR HARBOR - The single digit temperatures didn't stop people from marching in memory of Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

One person remembers meeting Doctor King, and says his message is still true today.

AUGUSTA/WATERVILLE - Across the region freezing rain and melting snow created quite a mess on the roads this weekend.

BREWER - Playland adventures in Brewer is stomping out bullying this weekend.

Sunday, 14 January 2018 19:06

Folks learn to brew with "Beer Making 101"

BANGOR - Folks at Central Street Farmhouse in Bangor had a happy, or should we say "hoppy" Sunday.

TREMONT - For the fifth January in a row, Tremont Firefighters and family donned their sandals and swim trunks to take an icy dip in the ocean.

The craziest part? They're just doing it for fun.

STATEWIDE - Fishermen have a chance to share their thoughts about proposed changes to lobster reporting rules Thursday night in Ellsworth.

Some concerned lobstermen say the changes are an "unnecessary" form of government regulation.

BANGOR - Police are investigating what they believe is a suspicious death that happened Wednesday morning on Second Street.

BANGOR - The salt and sand covering the roadways may make your drive much safer, but what exactly is it doing to the bottom of your vehicle?

BANGOR - The harsh winter weather we've been experiencing has been making it hard for both public and private road crews to operate.

Both are asking the public for one thing - patience.

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