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Justin Hartley Teases 'Revenge' Romance Fallout

While Revenge isn't home to many truly tender relationships (save for Jack and Sammy), last week's excellent episode opened the door for Nolan to potentially find his happy ending in the most unlikely person: Patrick, Victoria's long-lost son! Yes, the two sealed their flirtmance with a kiss -- and maybe more -- leaving fans desperate to know what's next for Nolan and Patrick (who shall be known as "Nolick" from this point forward).

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Norville Talks Working Mom Extremes

Inside Edition host Deborah Norville is sitting down with Pfizer Chief Medical Officer Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall to talk about the extreme moments when they had to find a balance between work and family -- including both working only hours after having babies!

They also discuss how losing their mothers at young ages affected their adult lives, and how the internet helps women and families to be their own best health advocates.

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